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On the occasion of quasquicentennial Birthday Celebration of S.R. Ranganathan, the Mysore University Information and Library Science Alumni Network (MILAN) starts a new series of lectures on the works of SRR which have had formidable influence on the growth of library science as an academic field. Born in 1892, Ranganathan, the mathematician-turned-librarian, put India prominently on the world map of library science. But for his contribution, the library profession would not have flourished in India in the foregone century.

As students of library science, it is high time to have a re-look in relation to the modern age. There is a growing tendency to dismiss the seminal works of Ranganathan as being obsolete. There is also a large chunk of professional who believe that Ranganathan is more relevant today than ever before. It is the right time to examine his works in this digitally confused era with an intention of drawing new inspiration to move forward. Acting on the need-of-the-hour, MILAN contemplates to run a series of lectures under the title “ReBLook: The Lectures on PunerMILAN of Ranganathan”.

ReBLook contains the three main elements found in five laws – Reader (R), Book (B) and L (Library). Blook is a new genre of book which emanates from blogs – thus symbolically representing the new generation resource and also the symbiosis between the printed and digital resources. The word Reblook intrinsically contain the concept re-look and thus representing the purpose of the lecture series. The word PunerMILAN is deliberately spelled the way it has been shown to represent the re-meeting of the modern world with Ranganathan and also to represent the alumni association MILAN.

The ReBLook series would be launched on 17th September 2016. It is intended that the lectures would be arranged at different places of the country with the help of MILANers and also some local collaborating agencies at various places. It is hoped that this effort of MILAN will re-sensitize the call for serious research into Ranganathan’s contributions.

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